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Kamis, 28 Juli 2011

Lampet and Ombus-Ombus culinary Typical Batak

Each area usually has the typical traditional snacks. Even though field has a typical confectionary Bika Ambon, but there is still a traditional cake Batak, which until now remained the preferred and ombus lappet-ombus.
Lappet and ombus-ombus is a traditional cake Batak. It is not clear since when this started confectionary "entrenched". But in traditional Batak ceremonial, usually lappet or ombus-ombus remain a dish of coffee or tea accompanied by sidelines.
Lappet and ombus-ombus are two different kinds of snacks. However, both made of the same materials: rice flour, coconut, brown sugar (palm). But for the lappet performance not much different from lepat bananas. But obviously different flavors and ingredients.
Ombus2 The difference between lappet and ombus-ombus exist in processed form and flavor. Lapet usually shaped like a pyramid and wrapped in banana leaves. "While Ombus-ombus, are round and not wrapped in anything," said one seller B Hutabarat lapet and ombus-ombus for decades.
The manufacturing process itself is not so complicated, starting from rice flour, grated coconut (not too old), were mixed. Following grated palm sugar, and water. After flattening the dough, then wrapped in banana leaves, then steamed until cooked. Similarly, lappet, Ombus-ombus consist of the same material, but the appearance of the final process is different. Ombus-ombus not wrapped in a leaf, only for sphere shaped golf ball, it can directly be steamed.
This traditional cake is more enjoyable if the hot-hot and served as a food supplement drink tea or coffee. Matter of taste need not be asked. For those who never taste it will probably have a different opinion. But the blend of rice flour and palm sugar will be about providing a unique taste.

If you want to get a taste of the original may be purchased on-borong Siborong. Because ombus-ombus famous indeed in Siborong-borong.Anda Can Jump flew there by plane, because Siborong-entire stock now been equipped with air transportation memada!

But in the field also has been circulated both cakes. Usually booked directly with the manufacturer or sold around at certain times. Sometimes in the central market area there are also sellers Sambu this confectionary.

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